New Methods Of Vaccine Delivery

The humankind has been riddled with maladies. Several medicines and vaccines came in the wake of advances in medicinal technology. Many vaccinums are administered through injections. Syringes, needles and qualified medical personnel are required for giving injections. Research works point that injections cause both pain and stress. For averting pain and stress, researches are undertaken to develop new vaccine delivery methods. Read on to know.

Inhaled vaccines

Inhaled vaccines are among the first steps to minimize the use of needles. For example, influenza can be controlled through an inhaled vaccine called Flu Mist. Measles is another disease for which the inhaled vaccinum are tested. Similar to the inhaled vaccinum, another type is developed that can be delivered through lungs.

Needle-free patch

This technique heralded the concept of micro needle. In needle-free patch, an array of disc-shaped micro needle is put to use. A micro needle is made of sugar, and it dissolves within five minutes of penetration in the skin. Additionally, the needle-free patch technique maintains stability and efficacy of a live vaccine even in room temperature. The technique is the best alternative to the painful hypodermic needles.

Oral vaccines

Maladies such as cholera and polio are cured using oral vaccines. Research works are afoot for deriving oral vaccinum to protect against tuberculosis. As per several biological studies, orally developed vaccinums produce higher immune response than any of their injected DNA counterparts.

Advent of Transcutaneous Immunization

Researchers, vaccinum developers and biologists have undertaken several studies to understand the skin immune system. Such studies have led to the growth of Trans cutaneous Immunization (TCI). The TCI acts as an alternative route to offer higher immunization.

Breakthrough took place in the realm of vaccinum with the development of pneumococcal conjugate vaccine: it is meant for protecting young children and infants against pneumonia causing bacteria. Several vaccinum developers are cashing in on technological advancements to make the world a better place to live in.



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