Everything about vaccine testing and research

The development of vaccines includes an extensive research of 10-15 years. Vaccine research and development in India has involved scientists from around the globe. Read on further to know more about the research work and testing tasks involved in developing a vaccinum.

Vaccine Thermostability

  1. Lab research work

The foremost step in such type of research is to do several years of lab work. In such type of lab work, researchers and scientists indentify a specific antigen for preventing a disease.

  1. Clinical trials

Three phases of clinical trials are carried out after the test vaccinum is approved by an authorized body. The clinical trials are carried out upon human volunteers. The clinical trials take a lot of years to get completed. Such clinical trials are performed for:-

• Analyzing the efficacy of the vaccine
• Analyzing appropriate dosage value
• Monitoring adverse side effects

The final phase of the trial takes thousands of human volunteers.

  1. Role of authorized body and other agencies in vaccine development

The clinical trials are performed under the guidance of officials from the authorized body. These officials oversee every batch of vaccinum and its overall production. In addition, the officials check a vaccine for its safety on several parameters. Apart from an authorized body, NGOs and vaccine research companies collect, track as well as analyse data for ensuring safety of a vaccinum.

  1. How flu vaccines are different from other variants?

Unlike a normal vaccinum, such as conjugate pneumococcal vaccine, a seasonal flu vaccine is developed on a yearly basis. The antigen in a flu vaccinum changes on an annual basis, however, its entire production process and criteria remain unchanged. Scientists along with several researchers determine which flu is the likeliest to get circulated in the next season. Based on such analysis, vaccinologists change the antigen and develop a new flu vaccine.


About Hillemanlabs

Hilleman Laboratories is an international organization strengthened by the presence of global leadership and scientific team. For more details about development of Vaccine, please visit: www.hillemanlabs.org
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