Several Advantages of Conjugate Vaccines

Heat Stable Vaccines
An introduction
In simplest of terms a conjugate vaccine is created by covalently combining low quality antigens called as polysaccharide organisms to develop protein of the same microorganism in order to confer the immunological features of the antigen. Read on to discover the various advantages of such a combination of vaccine.

Providing Immunity to the body

Anti-polysaccharide vaccines are important in advancing public health, sparing millions of lives from infectious diseases. The vaccine provides much longer protection in comparison with polysaccharide vaccination. The immunity is constant and it does not require regular doses.

Reduction in Carriage
In order to reduce the transmission of bacteria the agent of carrying it must be regulated. This concept is called herd immunity, wherein only fewer people come in contact with the illness and reduce the chances of the disease being contracted. This protective immune response is particularly beneficial for infants.

Potential deficiency of hypo-responsiveness
Conjugate vaccines are less inclined to decrease the immune response when a repeated dose is induced. As the research and development continue to advance in heat stable vaccines development, the polysaccharide vaccine has limited the commercialization of vaccinum that employ the technology of conjugation.

Increased rate of immune response due to non-repetitive doses

As per the definition, a vaccine is a biological preparation to boost the immune system. These are designed to protect body against harmful virus through development of its counter antigens.
In case of meningococcal disease, it is medically advised that people who have higher risks of infection must get vaccinated every few years.

Infants who are susceptible to contracting disease and limited to two years of age are more in to the risk zone of acquiring illness as their immune systems are still not developed and is constantly evolving with their growth. Therefore, conjugated vaccination plays a pivotal role as they need time to time doze of immunization.


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